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With the Noq Noq interior kits you don't need complicated tools. All interior units can be assembled with a cordless drill and driver. To set up a basic workplace all you need is a large full sheet size (2.4 M. x 1.2 M) workbench  and some electric hand tools like a cut off grinder, a drill with hole saws and preferably but not necessarily a compressor to be able to use a spray gun for contact glue and to use a pneumatic nail gun.

Tools :

What do I need ?

Skills and knowledge :

Noq Noq interior kits come with detailed instructions. If you are able to put together a flat pack book case than you will be able to do the same with our interior components. Basic skills are required to cut holes in the vehicles body for vents, gas bins etc.


If you like to turn your rv into a luxurious looking masterpiece then you can do wonders by trimming ceiling or walls with vinyl, you'll be surprised how professional your DIY job looks. 

Plumbing is made easy with the systems that are available on the market today. Again we will provide you with all the info you need and the same goes for your 12 Volt installation.

(240 Volt installation and any gas work needs to be done by licensed electricians / gas fitters)

Time :

Depending on your experience and skill level you will be able to assemble and install a full interior kit in 100 to 200 hours. We can do it in under 100 hours but if you are a first time motorhome builder expect to need double that. For the vehicle preparation and installation of other components i.e. wiring, plumbing, vents, awning, solar, etc allow another 75 to 150 hours.

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