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Colours & Material

All Noq Noq kits are made of a combination of Stylelite on Lightweight plywood and Laminex V- Lite. For all visible parts we have chosen for Stylelite which is available in a range of beautiful colours in a high gloss and matt finish. For the cabinet carcassses we use Laminex V-Lite so weight is reduced even further. 

Stylelite colours.jpg

StyleLite Lightweight Panels

Light weight plywood panels are perfect for when weight is a consideration. Great for interior fit out for caravans and RV's. 

StyleLite is supplied in the form of laminated panels and offer a smooth, flawless surface with an unsurpassed depth of colour.

Using high quality light weight plywood is the better option for RV fit outs. Not only because of the reduction in weight but also because of the ability to resist moisture better than MDF (medium density board) Available in :

14 mm carcass board.jpeg

14 mm White Ply Carcass board

Carcasses are made out of lightweight plywood with a white finish.



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