Coaster lay outs

Noq Noq kits are modular so we can swap modules and adjust the dimensions. Please contact us to discuss the options to create your ideal fitout.
layout 1_edited.jpg
Lay out 1

On the driver side, directly behind the driver seat, we start with a floor to ceiling cabinet, Fridge unit ( 146 L , 175, or 210 L Evakool Platinum), shower cubicle, kitchen / storage unit a comfortable single lounge, East West Double bed 1890 x 1400 mm. Continuing on the passenger side: an identical single lounge and another kitchen unit. On the left side a double drawer unit which is low so it does not obstruct your vision whilst driving and changing lanes.

Overhead storage units can be fitted on both sides: from shower cubicle wall to the back and on the opposite site from the door entrance to the back. (not visible in top view)

This lay out creates a much wider area in the center which makes it pleasant to sit and relax.  


layout 2_edited.jpg
Lay out 2

Starting at the front on the driverside: Cafe style dining seat that can convert to a child single bed (1670 mm) , shower cubicle, fridge either 146 L or 175 L Single beds (can easily be converted to double). Continuing on passenger side from bed: floor to ceiling pantry and kitchen and at the front a double drawer unit with benchtop on top.

4 overhead units

layout 3_edited.jpg
Lay out 3 

Lay out with a double island bed.

On the driver side we start with lounge than a pantry with shelves, fridge, Shower and a wardrobe. At the back a 1400 wide double bed that suits a camec matress with cut corners. Easy to get in and out of bed from both sides. Lots of storage underneath accessible through the back door /tailgate or from inside through lift up lid.

Kitchen with drawers and curved benchtop to create a wider isle and a single seat at the front on driver side.

Overhead cupboards are not drawn but can be fitted.