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Flat Pack Interior Components 

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Fit Out Service

We now offer a complete fit out service. Motorhome Conversions made with the Noq Noq kits or fully customized interiors  on Coasters or other vehicles. The design will be completely worked out in CAD drawings first so you know exactly what to expect and we can build in a quick and efficient way.

Flat Pack Kits


Our kits are made as separate modules   It is possible to put together your own fit out in a colour of your choice. Everything from the base underflooring to all the cabinetry is CNC cut to size and shaped to fit in the vehicle without further need for cutting. Simply assemble and install just like a professional assembly line. 

The 5 step plan

Every project requires good planning. without planning you end up wasting valuable time and material as you go 2 steps forward and 1 step back. We are not just offering the material to build your motorhome but we give you a detailed plan of what to do first and how to do it and are there to support you every step of the way.


Lay outs

We are offering different lay outs as there is no such thing as the perfect design. Different people have different preferences. We have a choice of 3 layouts and within those layouts a number of choices can be made like the size of your fridge, and the need for overhead storage space.


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